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northfield university

northfield university

Northfield University is a series of classes, offered during various times of the year, that our Lead Pastor, Dr. Kiley Callaway teaches. 

The discussions and topics of the classes range from books of the Bible and different religions, to apologetics.

Sunday Nights: 2016-2017

We are super excited about our End Times Refocused: (check it out here)

Eschatology: "The Doctrine of the Last Days." The Great Tribulation is not imminent. The world stage has to be set in a certain way before the Tribulation can actually begin. A number of events are clearly stated to precede the Tribulation period. Some of these events are simply prophesied to occur some time before the Tribulation and have taken place and others are yet to come. This study is like none other at Northfield Church. We are diving into the Bible and studying through a method called systematic theology. This class will give you a tool for understanding the End Times and the Book of Revelation. Join Pastor Kiley as a student of the Word and he'll be your professor. 

Current Courses Available:

 - Course One: Eschatology: The Doctrine of the Last Days (33 classes in this course)